June 01, 2014

Not As Easy As Seeing You

I have been inspired by a lot of people in my life. When I was young, I remember wanting to become like writers of those who wrote for the Ladybird publications (well those were the books I wrote those time). With course of time when I grew up, the first person person I remember I wanted to be like was a person I saw speaking for peace on BBC. I don't remember the name exactly, but the way that person spoke was so impressive, inspiring and convincing that anybody would have been ready to do follow whatever he would say.
I really want to be someone Big!
At times when I learnt poems and started reading I had and still am inspired by John Keats. I love his works a lot. He left us so many beautiful pieces today. I had also been inspired to write stories from my best stories' writers. Nicholas Sparks, like anyone had been my all time favorite writer when I was in High School. I admire Barack Obama also. The way he gives his speech and his ideas and the way he works things out in his country. I don't remember missing any of his speeches during his election.

I am also inspired to singers like Bryan Adams, or Elton John, or Eminem any many others. I just love the way the way they compose lyrics and their voices are just awesome. I also dream to be a singer someday. 
Dalai Lama among many is also one of my favorite public figures. He has been helpful and grateful in flourishing peace around the world. Lately Namgay Zam, a journalist of Bhutan has also become my inspiration from the way she spoke and the way she used words. 

I have a lot of inspirations to be inspired from. I aspire to be a lot of people in one soul but I wonder if i have that capability in me sometimes. And at the dawn of any day, after any other usual inspiring dream, I realize, IT'S NOT AS EASY AS SEEING THEM! :)


  1. Nice piece pema. Keep going. All the best.

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