November 13, 2014

MY FIRST LOVE, my mother

She loves nail paints
She loves wine
She believes in holy saints,
O' she's just too fine.
 Every time I see her
I see ageless beauty
Every time i hug her

Fades all sad mysteries
How I wonder
If pens and papers' knowledge had she be
busy might have been
In office like a Queen bee.
I shall perish to live
Rest in her arm
I wish to sleep
forever in her womb so warm
I love you Ama
You be my first love
Of all that you gave
Of all that you are,
This is all I have,
You are my forever shining star.
How I wander,
with the lonely hands of time
sleepless in wander
To care you
To give you
All you want
All you wanted.
To see you grow old
Forever next to me
O', my most valued gold.

I love you Ama. I owe you more than my life.


  1. wow.... such a lovely poem dedicated to your mother. It's very nice to put her love in words. No person is like mother. Compose more bro. Love your language's eloquence.

    1. thank you so much S.T. Dorji. glad that you liked it. much encouraged. tc