March 15, 2014

Departure, a poem!

I don't know if I am  making it a literature column of mine or not but yes, I'm still blank at the back of my mind wondering how shall I be developing my blog. For now, this sonnet is one piece that I love from my works. I remember writing it when I was 16. It is a sonnet. Departure it is about.


The thoughts of sorrows surround the bonds
Draw the tears streaming down the cheeks
Words won’t draw lines but images.
When the mind is filled with departure
Idleness creeps into the veins
Someone to fill the void again.

Departure is to meet again
As the thirst quenched by the rain
Of the earth but not for long.
Trees shed the leaves in the fall
To dress up fresh for the season
And to be afresh yet again with a reason.
Departure in nature is temporary

Hope remains in life with memory.