June 03, 2014

Folk Literature, subject to learn!

     ´According to MacEdward Leach (SDFML 1984:401-402), “Folklore is the generic term designate the customs, beliefs, traditions, tales, magical practices. Proverbs, songs etc.,;

        Tales have been taken over by movies and animations today. But, on the other side of the region where there are no buildings and fresh green grasses breathe, orature- an art of passing down tales from word to mouth is practiced. 
The first man to narrate. Amazing man indeed!
      Folk literature is a module or subject we learn here in Sherubtse, Kanglung. It is about discovering and learning about old stuffs like, Folktales and folk materials. It might sound antique at first but it is not as the course proceeds. The class begins with defining and understanding terms like, Folklore, folkloristics, etc which are also the key words of this subject. When these get over, we A.K Ramanujan and our very own Aum Kunzang Choden with their beautiful works on collections of folktales. We try to relate culture and traditions, customs and beliefs of different countries through their tales. 
        In this, we also went for filed studies collecting folk materials and tales. Now, when I say folk materials here, keeping in mind that folk has been fading in urban regions and is growing in rural areas, we decided to go and visit villages. It's about old songs and stories that for now we have not seen documented anywhere yet. It is also about legends and myths as told or narrated by the people we go and meet. These stories, legends, myths and songs mean a lot to us because, these inform us about our own culture and tradition. Not only that, these take us back to our own people but in a previous generation, in some way or the other.  
Narration of old days
         These subject helps us connect ourselves with our own culture and custom in a detailed way. It not only helps us with our own module, but asking older people to narrate, makes us realize that there are unheard people who wants to be listened to and who has observed the transition in a better way. They have a lot to say, and a lot to inform. 
      There are a lot to be told in this big piece of land. There are people waiting to tell you stories, stories of how life would have been without these comforts of advancement, stories of world before this. They have a narration to narrate not about batman or superman, but real warrior, real heroes who saved countries and lives 
His only entertainment is to listen to his grandma narrate him stories.

June 02, 2014

Friendship, in verse

High School days
I have seen pearls and diamonds
And other precious stones as well.
I possess each one of them!
I am that Excalibur
Studded with the most precious gems.
Nay, I am not a body of stones
That of stones filled-thrown to Soraya,
I am a happy man.
I am as sharp as an Excalibur
And I am rich of gems.
Ay, my friends!
Thee and thy company
Shall be more than the most precious stones on earth,
 But nothing today is precious
As stones that people love today.
And I have these to compare with you
With more yet to say!

One fine happy day!

I have seen beauty bid farewell.
So does the same,
A strong man’s health.
But no an old friendship
Nor does a new one!
It shall give me smiles,
It shall tickle my heart now and always.
Thank you dear friends for today,
And thank you I shall say from a lot of years from now
For memories never fade
And for smile that I would wear
Each time I recall you,
And the sunny days we lived.
Thank you my beloved friends!


Class of 2012

Class of Year I media students, Shercol '13

Friends and happiness




And I never get bored with Uma


High school Days

That has a lot to give

Super best friend, Ugyen WD

And takes nothing in return! :)

High School days

I love English! :)

Well as I have mentioned in my previous posts that I am fond of writing (scribbling or articles), in this time I would want to mention about English.
Yes, I love English! I have been in love with it for years now. I remember one of the lines I read in one of R.K. Narayan’s works as I start to write this, “English is my mother tongue, even though my mother doesn’t know a word of it...” I love Hollywood movies of any genres but most I prefer are movies that inspired from true stories. Some of my favourites from what I have watched are, The Lady, King’s Speech, Freedom Writers, The Book Thief and many others. But, I tell you I love watching movies with subtitles. I love watching movies with subtitles because, I love speaking along with the characters in the movies, the tone, intonation, accent and everything of the way they speak.
Anyone can be witty or intelligent! I love witty and intelligent people but only if they speak just too well in English. When I say well speakers here, I don’t mean people who use bombastic words or words that are so...... hard to understand it is! It’s good that people have good vocabulary. One should have it also. But the type of person I like when it comes to English, someone who speaks so well, uses simple words and knows which word to use where and when. A person who speaks English so fluent with whatever he wants to that is behind his mind with ease is someone I adore, someone I want to be. Yes! Just like the way we go on and on with our own local dialects.
Well said! ( Photo Courtesy: We heart it images. Bing)
Recently, Namgay Zam, a well known reporter from Bhutan just inspired me with this that she commented on ACCENT. I have met a lot of people who would tell you, “You speak so artificial, be normal” when you would want to try catching up an accent like an American or a British. What she said was truly inspiring and just got nailed deep in my heart. This is what I could partially remember what she said, English is not our language. The best is to speak like the way they do, who owns it. It’s okay to have an accent because it’s the way it is spoken. But Dzongkha is our language and we can’t change the way it is spoken.” So well did she say this and in a very soothing and convincing manner and I strongly support her.
A pretty girl or a so good looking guy with a not-so-good English, really badly turns me off. I remember a pretty girl I know. I tell you she really is a Helen of Troy, a great feast to one’s eye. Beauty can be well described seeing the way she looks but the way she speaks, Oh-My-God! It’s just like getting depressed seeing your favourite sportsperson or personality seeing not knowing English on TV.
The witty lines, idioms and romantic apt lines in apt situations of a movie or a novel, drives me crazy as well. I mark it in my mind to having it used someday when such situations pop in to my daily life but, I forget it.
I still dream to speak so good, so intelligent, simple and with a class. But, I wonder when and I won’t give up on it either. I tell you, If I really had a British accent, I’d never Shut up! :D

June 01, 2014

A singer at home!

Kezang Tobden (Kollo)
I never knew he would grow up to kiras. Coming to Apa, neither do I remember him mentioning about songs and dances of his glory days, nor do I have seen him keen on these, though I know he knows a lot of traditional folk songs and has enthuse towards mask dances. Sonam, my elder sister loves classics. So do I, but I love listening all sort of songs in my own way.
have such good voice. Good I say because I feel when I listen. I don't remember Ama ever telling me she ever had any interest in music in her cheerful days. Although she does listen to music while weaving sometimes, but I always thought it to be her way of passing time while weaving

The way Kollo (that's what we call him), the youngest of all, plays music is just the way I love to listen. It's always a feast to ears while he sings and plays guitar. I have always been fond of guitar but I always failed to learn. But the way he is into it is just so pleasing, and inspiring as well. It's not like Maths practice, or like reading a a pile of books for exams that one gets bored of. He's never tired of music nor singing.

The first time I hear him sing was one night while I just reached home from a stroll with my friends. He was playing a red guitar of his friend's with a poster of Nirvana. I thought he sang quite well. He was actually singing a hindi song then.
The next day Apa was really obsessed with him going to his friend's place every now and then for playing a guitar, and the best solution I could give him was why not buy him a guitar then?

Guess what? My Kollo still thinks that he owes me a lot just for a simple guitar that we brought him. I shall never forget that glimpse of joy and happiness he wore that day receiving a gift for no occasion. This made him stay home. Apa was happy, he was happy and I was happy listening him too.
Today though in small ways, he and his friends at school compose songs and sing. And, the happiest part is my parents have no objection to it like some do.
He is not really an intelligent kid in class, but I assure he is and one day will become a good singer/musician. He has become my favorite! :)

Not As Easy As Seeing You

I have been inspired by a lot of people in my life. When I was young, I remember wanting to become like writers of those who wrote for the Ladybird publications (well those were the books I wrote those time). With course of time when I grew up, the first person person I remember I wanted to be like was a person I saw speaking for peace on BBC. I don't remember the name exactly, but the way that person spoke was so impressive, inspiring and convincing that anybody would have been ready to do follow whatever he would say.
I really want to be someone Big!
At times when I learnt poems and started reading I had and still am inspired by John Keats. I love his works a lot. He left us so many beautiful pieces today. I had also been inspired to write stories from my best stories' writers. Nicholas Sparks, like anyone had been my all time favorite writer when I was in High School. I admire Barack Obama also. The way he gives his speech and his ideas and the way he works things out in his country. I don't remember missing any of his speeches during his election.

I am also inspired to singers like Bryan Adams, or Elton John, or Eminem any many others. I just love the way the way they compose lyrics and their voices are just awesome. I also dream to be a singer someday. 
Dalai Lama among many is also one of my favorite public figures. He has been helpful and grateful in flourishing peace around the world. Lately Namgay Zam, a journalist of Bhutan has also become my inspiration from the way she spoke and the way she used words. 

I have a lot of inspirations to be inspired from. I aspire to be a lot of people in one soul but I wonder if i have that capability in me sometimes. And at the dawn of any day, after any other usual inspiring dream, I realize, IT'S NOT AS EASY AS SEEING THEM! :)