June 03, 2014

Folk Literature, subject to learn!

     ´According to MacEdward Leach (SDFML 1984:401-402), “Folklore is the generic term designate the customs, beliefs, traditions, tales, magical practices. Proverbs, songs etc.,;

        Tales have been taken over by movies and animations today. But, on the other side of the region where there are no buildings and fresh green grasses breathe, orature- an art of passing down tales from word to mouth is practiced. 
The first man to narrate. Amazing man indeed!
      Folk literature is a module or subject we learn here in Sherubtse, Kanglung. It is about discovering and learning about old stuffs like, Folktales and folk materials. It might sound antique at first but it is not as the course proceeds. The class begins with defining and understanding terms like, Folklore, folkloristics, etc which are also the key words of this subject. When these get over, we A.K Ramanujan and our very own Aum Kunzang Choden with their beautiful works on collections of folktales. We try to relate culture and traditions, customs and beliefs of different countries through their tales. 
        In this, we also went for filed studies collecting folk materials and tales. Now, when I say folk materials here, keeping in mind that folk has been fading in urban regions and is growing in rural areas, we decided to go and visit villages. It's about old songs and stories that for now we have not seen documented anywhere yet. It is also about legends and myths as told or narrated by the people we go and meet. These stories, legends, myths and songs mean a lot to us because, these inform us about our own culture and tradition. Not only that, these take us back to our own people but in a previous generation, in some way or the other.  
Narration of old days
         These subject helps us connect ourselves with our own culture and custom in a detailed way. It not only helps us with our own module, but asking older people to narrate, makes us realize that there are unheard people who wants to be listened to and who has observed the transition in a better way. They have a lot to say, and a lot to inform. 
      There are a lot to be told in this big piece of land. There are people waiting to tell you stories, stories of how life would have been without these comforts of advancement, stories of world before this. They have a narration to narrate not about batman or superman, but real warrior, real heroes who saved countries and lives 
His only entertainment is to listen to his grandma narrate him stories.


  1. You have a beautiful blog here. While I write on news and media, your posts are about culture, poetry and literature. There is a lot for me to learn. Thank you for visiting Freebird.

    1. Thank you to you too Ms. Gurha for reading my work. More over its nothing compared to yours.. I'm just budding on this field. Thanks again :)

  2. All the best Pema, Keep reading and writing.