May 31, 2014


The Runway

The Runway I'm referring to is in Sherubtse College, located in Kanglung, Bhutan. It is a small well constructed pathway of around 15 meters. It has beautiful hedges bordered at its sides. It is right in front of a canopy where I and many others sit to see or gaze at the models walk. It is just few meters away from the Andum Chorten.
A group of students walking back to hostels after class and the canopy.
But when I say models here, I don't mean girls like Victoria's secret Angels or guys like Calvin Klein models -tall, slim and glamorous. Models here I say my fellow mates and tutors.
The lecturers walk on the ramp in such a way which shows how used to they are. Some walk so happy, some walk so sad sometimes. There are some moments when you can see these models frowned, either because they are late for classes, tired of classes or angered by naughty students. But the way they walk, they are so professional.

The first year students in the first month of their joining, one can see them walk so naive and calm unlike today. But, they still walk like unfolded buds and know they are observed which they don't want to be.
The second year students walk as if they are in grooming. They smile because they are used to it by now. They smile because they have left a year behind and another is yet to come. They know they are observed but they are used to it by now.
The third year students have a different charm. This charm to me seems is for a reason. The reason is "leaving". They are happy as well as sad. They are happy because they are to graduate soon, sad because they are to leave soon. There is a carefree attitude in the way they walk their ramp.

Walk the way you want!
There are Victoria's secret angels and guys from the Calvin Klein too -high heels, branded shoes and well dressed ones with something called attitude! But, there are also shy, quiet and simple ones.
One can also see boys walking to offices as well to solve issues or problems.
But most of all one can witness is people who are always late for class.
Different people, different style, different attitude -this is a Little Runway in a little way :)

The canopy I sit and stare from.

May 29, 2014

Some pieces from my assignment on "Digital Media Journalism"

Who am I?

I will be turning nineteen soon. With age I have learned I am not just me, a name, but more than that. I am a judgmental person, as if I have no other work. I am a pessimist. I never see the positive side of anything, confess. I am a person who wants to be happy not only outside, but also inside. When I was small I was a stubborn child. I remember nagging a lot to my parents for things I wanted, irrespective of their empty pockets. Today I am a good son. Not only that I am no more a stubborn kid, but I also understand my parents’ problems. Truly speaking, I am a person who loves oneself. I appreciate others but don’t look up to be like “someone”. I am he, who dreams big and is very ambitious but to make his own space and name in the world. I am that person who wants to be the “someone” whom the world would want to look up to in future.  

What am I doing?

Well for now I am making noodles for my dinner, along with this. And I really ask myself, what am I really doing? Physically I am at Kanglung, studying media. So, to become some famous media personality in future the way I always dream about. But for now most importantly, along with my studies I am also enjoying my college life with my best friends here.

Where am I heading for?

Although, I studied science in high school fortunately, I am here studying arts. As I recall my memories, I still remember telling my friends, my family and others that I will be a writer someday. I would say this in my junior classes. I have always been fond of learning language and literature. As I grew up I have learnt that specific thing that I want to be. Therefore I am heading for a brighter future where, I see myself as one of the renowned personalities of the country, of the world. However lazy I may be, I will never give up on my dreams.  

May 27, 2014

The Lady: A Movie Review.

The Lady: A Movie Review.

Aung San Suu Kyi (photo courtesy: Bing)
I watched “The Lady” recently, and apart from having this in my laptop folder of “Based on true stories” this has also become one of the best movies I have ever watched. I remember watching it thrice by now.
The lady is a movie about the Burmese opposition leader, by Luc Besson, starring the beautiful Michelle Yeoh, who stands in the shoes of another beautiful woman, Aung San Suu kyi.
Michelle Yeoh from The Lady (photo courtesy: Bing)
Aung San Suu Kyi is the head of the National League for Democracy of Myanmar. She stayed under house arrest for almost two decades fighting for her people. She is also a Noble Peace Prize laureate of 1991. Although, on given a chance to go back to her husband to England, she decides to stay back fighting for the rights, in a calm way. Aung San Suu Kyi is considered a Burmese democracy icon and she is one of the strongest living voices for freedom and justice in the world.
This movie also tells us a love story of this woman with her love, Dr. Michael Aris along with her love for her country.
Michelle Yeoh, perfectly fits into it and makes a movie a credible one. Indeed, I have grown full respect for this Asian laureate after seeing her through Yeoh.
Yeoh is a Malaysian, and an actress who has skills on martial arts as well.
The lady is a movie that teaches one a lot. I have learnt a lot as well. see if you must!

My story to tell, THE STORY OF MY LIFE

I was born to Pema Wangchuk and Sangay Chhozom. Yes, they are my parents, the ones I have mentioned in my earlier piece. Well, Pema Wangchuk is from Mongar, somewhere called Phosorong where I have never been. Sangay Chhozom is from Rangshikhar of Trashigang, somewhere I sure would be soon. Both are from eastern region of Bhutan.

My childhood, My beloved.
My Apa is a graduate in Dzongkha. He is one of the senior students of the sacred Semtokha Rigzhung lobdra. He is a teacher at present. Ama is a house wife and she never studied, not because she never wanted to. Sadly, my mother was born to her family as the second eldest child out of eight children. My mother always wanted to study but she was held back home to do the usual chores. But I can bet, if my mother had ever studied she would have been a brilliant student to her tutors.
I have two siblings, a sister and brother. I was born after my sister and then came my brother. My sister works very hard in anything, studies or work, unlike my brother. My handsome brother who is taller than me doesn’t work hard. Not only that, even if he does, it would be hard for him to get into good bonding with books. But, he is my favourite guitarist, musician and sportsperson.

Us today :)
Well now, coming to me! I am Pema Norbu, and will always be. I always had the passion to write so will always be. I was a foolish student till my second standard but from then on, because of my good teachers, I started to do well in my studies. I grew up within the premises of a school campus, because I lived in the school quarters made for teachers. Therefore I hardly went out and had few friends till my tenth standard. ALSO, I don’t play Football or other games. I have always kept a liking for badminton though.

Oh! I had my first eleven years of schooling (including pre-primary) in Gomtu, Samtse, back home with my family. Then, with a pride of 76%, I thought taking up Science stream would be a better choice after all, I always dreamt of becoming a cardiologist. Taking up Science was no easy task I tell you. I went for my High Schooling to Punakha. I have a lot of good memories. Boarding life at first made me miss my family, then, after few days of joining school, I started have new friends. This was the start of my socialization with people also. Having so many friends at once was so overwhelming. The best part of it still today is, they were and are so good of all the people I met.
Coming to my studies, it was hard understanding Maths so I dropped it. The only thought I had that time was I never wanted to be an engineer. I could hardly cope with my Biology teachers but I loved attending Biology classes. My Physics was worse though. I hardly understood a word of it. I still remember the worst day of my stay at Punakha, getting a zero in physics paper out of hundred. My Chemistry teacher was so strict but I can tell you that we hardly find such good teachers anymore. The best I could do was to do in my English papers. I loved learning English and moreover my English teacher was too good also. Gradually my academic score went low and I graduated from Punakha High School with a very low aggregate, although my English marks were good.

A journey from start till now... like everyone else's
I waited a lot of days in my room for my parents to have decided something about my future. Then, Sherubtse came to me like a blessing. It might be an ordinary ring for anyone but for me that call from the university was really a blessing. Thank you God! Now, I tell you. Seriously speaking, media was never even in my mind. But, right after the voice in the phone said B.A in English and Media studies, it was a big Yes! I didn’t even bother to give a second thought. Therefore, this is where I am with all these beautiful people. And yes, this course is too good. Someway, somehow, I believe God was always there with me in making decisions and leading me to the right track. Today, I realize, if I hadn’t answered that call or rejected the offer to come here; I would not have been here, writing this with another great smile of my life. 

May 21, 2014


I remember starting to write when I was in class six. Back then, i was inspired by one of my elderly cousins on writing Diaries and of course it used to be my personal one. As i grew up, so did my passion for writing. I was fond of writing poems and articles. Stories were never my cup of tea. But yes, I was fond of reading them. I would make sure to visit the school Library at least once a week. Then, I began writing for my class wall magazine. I would write poems and articles, or essays sometimes. My teachers and friends would appreciate me and that was the beginning of a new hobby. We never know our capabilities unless we are noticed or pointed, or... yes, appreciated it is! After that I saw my fellow mates who wrote so beautifully and my seniors writing for the School wall magazine. That was something I thought I should nail it. My greatest achievement back then when I was a junior was having elected as one of the executives for the class literary board, and that did encourage me a lot to move forward with my passion. It was like "yes, i have that potential to do it". 

My Diary 2014
My high school days were pretty thick and I don't really know but I won't say good or bad as well. I was in a boarding school for the first time in my life, away from home. But, writing never left me nor did i leave this love of mine. That time, it was just that, I would write sad notes and pieces, well because i missed home. I actually took up Science, which I later knew was not really for me.

Literature and Science subjects were really hard for me to keep in touch with. But yes, i still managed to have one of my articles in the school magazine and another piece read in the assembly.

Today, I read blogs and magazines' articles. I learn a lot from these writers. There are so many people who write so many pieces each day with so many new skills and ideas. And these, inspire me a lot!
And today, I dream to have my blogs and my pieces too be read someday, and appreciated. I want to be a writer. I always wanted to be a writer. I wish to become a renowned writer. And i would never leave this passion. I am so in love with WRITING...

Everytime I'm free, I at least make sure I'm scribbling something...


Kanglung is supposed to be one of the coolest regions of the kingdom. But, one can also not neglect or ignore the warmth growing over with passage of time. Yes winters are extremely cold with mountains coated with tremendous beauty of snow. By dawn, if one is not wrapped with blankets like clothes, blood veins start getting frozen and your lips become rough. Snowfall is a surprise for Kanglung, it is rare, though 9 kilometers away becomes a snow land in winter. People move away to warmer places. College students are away home until next beginning.

But it's SUMMER, and not warm but hot. Evenings are chilly but not cold. One can see boys in T-shirts at their coolest and girls in their shorts at their hottest. I have started to even bath with tap water without warming. Classrooms have become warmer. The classes are almost for around two hours. The new blocks do have fans and are useful but the old blocks don't. Even the hostels don't have fans.

Hygiene is one most important part of one to take care of. FLIES are one big problem. Every time you are tired after a number classes, hungry and no food to eat, you reach your room to see flies irritating by your nose, ears and eyes. During meals, is one worse time eating along with flies. Irrespective of cleanliness, flies do enter rooms and sit on your plates and stuffs. The worst is their sound while you are sleeping. That irritating buzz. The way they sit on your nose and skin is irritating too.

Summer though might be warm, but it wasn't last time. And, we know we never can predict our weather or climate. Global warming all around.
We really need fans...