November 13, 2014

ROARING SIXTY, a tribute to my king.

There showered happiness in the world, angels danced in glory, when you were born.

I’ve read of him
I’ve heard of him
I’ve seen him from far
A kind king to all hearts
All kings.
                                                                How I always slept and woke
                                                                 In my little world next to him.
                                                                 I always wanted to be him
                                                                 With time only to grow
                                                                  For such a dream
                                                                  Only a beautiful dream I shall always know.
 Thou were seventeen
To be our sire, our king,
Young enough, the world mayn’t have ever seen.
Ere, thou could even feel
The charm of youth
Thou made us grow in peace.
Gratitude sire, gratitude my handsome king.
                                                         Thee, my fair countrymen
                                                         And me myself,
                                                         Rise in gratitude, rise in glory
                                                         Thou art happy ‘cause of thy king
                                                          Because of his selfless story
                                                          And his loss of youthful spring.
                                                          Rise in happiness, rise in peace,
                                                          To thank our Lord, our almighty king.

Thou art my Simba
Thou art my Lion King
Thou art my emperor forever
For thou art the reason our nation sing.
I pray,
Thou shall roar forever in pride
And never dismay.
                                                         Sixty has come,
                                                         Seventy and million years are yet to be peaceful
                                                         For thou my king, shall forever rule in all hearts.
                                                         King of hearts, king of kings,
                                                         I salute thee, and rise forever in thy name,
                                                         I shall perish forever to be born to live for the king same.
Thank you your majesty
Thank you almighty.
Long live peace and prosperity,
Long live my king,
Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

This I write to celebrate the birthday of our fourth king who will be sixty this year. I have always adored him more than anyone in the world. He is my icon, inspiration and father to all the nations. I write this as a tribute to his youthful days, he couldn’t enjoy letting us enjoy. I write this to celebrate for having no king like him ever in history. I write this to rejoice for his good days he could live after his youth, and good days that are yet to come. I write this as a grateful citizen among many, I write this to pray God for his well being, to thank god for having him for us. Happy Sixtieth birthday your majesty.


  1. An appreciative tribute-poem for our beloved praiseworthy King. We wish for his sound health, eternal happiness and long life for all times to come as he grows bolder in older age. Presuming all is well bro, with sound in health. Do Great. Regards from me. Take Care. ;)