April 05, 2014

For Apa

No one will ever love you more than your parents do.
I saw a tear in a man’s eye. The clock already showed 1 hour to mid-night. He was sleeping or maybe not. The diamond in the form of a drop drooled from the edge of his right eye. Was he crying selfishly alone, and not sharing us the reason? He must have been crying only if he weren’t sleeping, when all his feelings would have been alive. But, he seemed to me asleep. I can draw that image in my memory, and tell that his mind was not in peace. Was it bad dreams haunting him if he were asleep?  As seconds replaced the seconds before in that round clock, so did those little drops replace the drops softly. A blur of wet circle was observed in that purple pillow. Two seasons have already passed, and I still wonder why that precious tear dropped. The next morning, and days then on, whenever he would involve himself in smiling, with his friends, families-us, I see the cold in his smile. As if something is hidden behind those seem-so-cheerful smiles. Sometimes when I am alone like now and as I recall my past, I still wonder about that night.
I saw a tear in my father’s eye.